CUSD stops plan to build apartments at Luther School

On Tuesday, May 24, due to the immense outpouring of grassroots organized community support to preserve the Luther School, the district decided to discontinue the plan to convert the Luther School into apartments.


The decision to stop was influenced by the community’s grassroots effort to gather over 1200 petition signatures in support of Luther School, the hundreds of yard signs displayed in the surrounding neighborhood, letters that you wrote to the board and public officials, and the months of rallying and public comments. The Board’s decision was unanimous and the employee organizations also publicly supported the decision to stop.


The Superintendent and Board President, unfortunately, did not acknowledge the positive efforts of the community to come together as one voice, instead choosing to blame the community for its efforts in calling for transparency in decision making, raising awareness, seeking answers to tough questions, and providing complete data. Some video clips from the board meeting will be shared later.


We will stay vigilant and let the community know if we see any movement back to building apartments at Luther School. We should not forget that this all started after months of “closed door sessions” with “property negotiators” prior to any public notice. We also remain concerned about the continuing District propaganda on enrollment declines, plans to stack schools on the same site (Collins) and the Board and Superintendent's close ties to developers.

More details will be coming later about next steps and how you can help! In the meantime, please stay engaged on the various forums - nextdoor, email to boards and councils, facebook pages, CUSD yahoo groups. 

And remember that two board members, Josephine Lucey and Phyllis Vogel, are up for elections in November. 


Please be sure to exercise your vote both in the June Primaries and November elections. We have some important decisions to make at a School, City, State and National level. We plan to do our research as a community group and will share anything relevant to our larger cause - Save our School Sites and Parks!